It’s 1967, and British pop sensations Norman’s Normans are working their day jobs at the British Space Agency when Molly, the trained chimp, accidentally repeats a launch code, and they are all blasted off into space landing on a planet of all women.  While the girls of Hormone have been taught to be wary of anything or anyone male, they are quickly won over by the catchy rhythms of the Normans’ music. The lads are treated as friendly visitors until Queen Fallopia learns that Princess Noxema has fallen in love with lead singer Norman. The Queen throws he British invaders in the dungeon assuming they are spies from the rival male planet, Testosteri.  Back on earth, scientist Doctor Hans Gerbils works feverishly to determine how to send the return code to the chimp through the time-space continuum while his teenage daughter Katrina pines for Norman’s return.  Can the universal language of music get the Normans out their jam, resolve this interplanetary battle of the sexes and get the boys safely back to Earth?



We’re currently finishing up post production.  Release date coming early 2014!

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Ma & Pa Pictures LLC, 329 Douglas Dr., State College PA, 16803 or maura@mapapictures

They’re taking the battle of the sexes out of this world!