Hooray for Mister Touchdown


Welcome to City College, home of the Fighting Woodchucks!   Here at City we are sinking their teeth into the promise of a new generation.   And that starts with teamwork!   Coach Nord Kalas and all of our fans are excited about the prospects for the 1932 football season, led by star fullback Deke Chambers.

Nicknamed “Mister Touchdown” by Evening Star sports scribe Lemmo Stats, Chambers indeed has many admirers, among them Betty Williams, one of City's finest, who has ambitions of leading the All-American all the way to the altar.   However, the elusive gridder is a complex study, with a head for figures that does double time in the classroom.   He and our eccentric Professor Strumph, daughter of Nobel winner Ernst Strumph, have developed a prototype electrolyte solution that is de-molecularizing the star pupil (Deke) whenever he is the least bit aroused.   The discovery of this phenomenon is left to a group of bookmaking gangsters, who lie in wait to fix the big game against State U., but instead kidnap the erstwhile game-breaker to keep him under wraps.

When Deke fails to appear at crooner Father Barnigan's Friday night pep rally, all forces fan out to find the missing hero.   In the end it will take faith, science, and savvy to crack the gang's hideout and spring Mister Touchdown to win the crucial contest.


Jeff Bearden

        Amy Brienes
          Matt Loney
        Gael Schaefer
        David Wilson Barnes
     Adam Giordano & Raymond Brahmi


Official Selection

Frederick Festival of Film

Sedona Int'l. Film Festival

FirstGlance Philadelphia

Artsfest Film Festival

Asheville Film Festival

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